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Come in and enjoy The Feast House’s collection of stories and teachings. Our ancient stories and teachings share lessons of rights, responsibilities, generosity and how to be good relatives. Here we amplify Indigenous peoples, thought leaders, and abundance to showcase the richness of Indigenous knowledge. We are honoured to share teachings from different places and nations.

You are invited to uplift these works in your own communities and check back regularly for new, exclusively Indigenous content.

In Conversation with Kris Archie

Kris Archie
The Feast House, 2022

A conversation about the Feast House, Indigenous abundance, power, and reciprocity with Circle CEO Kris Archie.

Indigenous Gift Giving

Ha-Youly (Sharon) Hobenshield
The Feast House, 2022

“My first teachers of Indigenous gift giving were my grandparents. I would visit them regularly as a child and regardless if I had been there the day before or a week prior, it would be the same process.”

Governing Circle Members in Conversation

Tim Fox and Justin Wiebe
The Feast House, 2022
Tim Fox and Justin Wiebe are both actively working to build a more relational, reciprocal, and decolonial philanthropic landscape through their roles with The Circle on Philanthropy’s Governing Circle, and through their work at different foundations.

Abundance in Practice

'Cúagilákv Jess H̓áust̓i (Jess Housty)
The Feast House, 2022

“Think of the things that feel precious to you: when asked this question, I think of wild berries. What do we want for the things that are precious to us? We want them to thrive in abundance.”

Right Relations Collaborative

The Right Relations Collaborative is a shared space for Indigenous leaders and funder partners who recognize the inequities, harms, and volatile future that is manifesting from our current disconnected and extractive financial system.

Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative

The Reconciliation and Responsible Investment Initiative (RRII) is a partnership between NATOA and SHARE. We are working with Canadian institutional investors to promote responsible investment policies and practices that include reconciliation goals. We believe that, together, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous investors can build capital markets that integrate and better align with Indigenous values and ways of knowing.

Review RRII’s resources

We don’t have a word for philanthropy

Miles Morrisseau
The Philanthropist Journal, 2022

Indeginizing Philanthropy to Restore Reciprocity and Relational Gifting

Daisee Francour
Green Dreamer

“Philanthropy, in its institutional modern form, was birthed as a tax haven for the rich. What it did was allowed the wealthy to further protect and hoard their resources.”

A Funders Toolkit: Implementation of UNDRIP

Curtis Kline
International Funders for Indigenous Peoples

A Funders Toolkit: Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples comes out of the wisdom and experiences of Indigenous leaders, advocates and thoughtful funders. It is our hope that this toolkit will inspire many to endorse, promote, and protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples as enshrined in this powerful Declaration…

Communities of Wealth

Shanna Peltier + Thea Belanger
Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnerships Project, 2021-2022

The purpose of this podcast series is to shed light on Indigenous perspectives of philanthropy. Additionally, it provides personal accounts and reflections on Indigenous experiences of current models of giving. Highlighting the works of the Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project – an Indigenous Youth-led granting program – we describe the need for its on-going existence and provide a space for our grantees to share their works, knowledge and skills.

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