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Indigenous peoples practicing our laws and teachings, in right relations, and demonstrating generosity are powerful acts that demonstrate sovereignty and will benefit our children and their children. What might be called “charitable” or “non-profit” today is, in so many instances, Indigenous peoples being who we were taught to be and holding strong our connection to lands, language, and laws. Indigenous philanthropic behaviours are ancient and part of everyday life, and the lessons within are crucial to our collective power and well-being.

Indigenous cousins are invited to join us and share your vision, values, and work. The Feast House is a place where your voices and acts of service will be boldly amplified and honoured. Your wisdom and sovereignty is cherished here.

The invitation to Canadians, accomplices, and settler philanthropy is to show up, observe and stay present, listen and learn, and then act accordingly. You are invited to mobilize funds abundantly and without restriction to support our kin asserting sovereignty in their territories and communities.

The Feast House logo features many different design elements that represent Indigenous wealth, abundance, and connection. The design is held together with the shape of a bowl to symbolize nourishment and feasting. It includes medicines and berries – sage, tobacco, cedar, strawberries, and blueberries – that signify the relationship we have with sacred plants, their value, and how they are important to trade, ceremony, and food. The design also includes earthly elements like the sun, water and trees. When I think of abundance, these are the elements that I see. We gain so much from being within the forest and on the water – these are spaces we return to as Indigenous peoples to feed us and our spirits. 

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