How Donating Works

It’s fast and simple to connect with Indigenous-led work in the Feast House. You can find organizations based on geography, focus area, and connections to UNDRIP. You are invited to give directly to these organizations – there is no intermediary so you can give abundantly, without restriction, knowing that your support reaches Indigenous-led work directly.

Remember that many Indigenous-led projects aren’t eligible for charitable status or don’t want to become charities because it would restrict their work.

Step 1

Explore our Kin page that has a growing list of Indigenous-led projects doing transformative and intergenerational work.

Step 2

Locate organizations with aligned priorities or geographies.

Step 3

Give abundantly and without restrictions.

Step 4

Share within your communities and invite your kin to do the same.

Thank you!

Thank you for your generosity and taking the action to donate to one of these amazing organizations.

If you can please take a moment and let us know your donation amount, it would go a long way in helping us weave together our collective story of generosity.

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How Donating Works