Ociciwan Contemporary Art Centre

About us Ociciwan strives to remain fluid and flexible, just like the river the contemporary art collective is named after. This fluidity translates to many aspects of their organization, and they strive to transform into the needs of their surrounding communities. Ociciwan started through a series of conversations around a kitchen table, with like-minded and […]

4Rs Youth Movement

About us The 4Rs Youth Movement began as a seed of an idea after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission began its work in 2014. Indigenous youth quickly assumed leadership and identified their goal: youth-led opportunities for solidarity building across the diversity of young people in so-called canada, including Indigenous, settler, refugee, and migrant folx.  4Rs […]

Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society

About us Walking into Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society’s office, located within the The May Hakongak Community Library and Cultural Centre, you will hear Inuinnaqtun, you will see Inuit people and cultural treasures, and you will feel that this is a space connecting people to their collective Inuinnait identities. Co-founder and now Executive Director, […]

Qqs Projects Society

About us “We’re here to be in service to community,” Executive Director ‘Cúagilákv (Jess Housty) describes talking about Qqs’ open mandate. Formalized in the late 1990s but with roots much deeper than that, Qqs carries out a variety of programs and offers various services that, on the surface, might not seem connected. “The common thread […]

First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation

About us For more than 20 years, First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation has provided funding and resources to Indigenous organizations and communities and is dedicated to rebuilding and restoring cultural systems impacted by colonization throughout the lands known as British Columbia. Special Advisor, Cathi Charles Wherry, paints a powerful picture of their purpose, “Throughout the last […]