The Circle on Philanthropy

About us As one of the only organizations working in the space between Indigenous philanthropy and settler philanthropy, The Circle has shapeshifted and grown since its inception in 2008.  At the time, an informal network of Indigenous and settler leaders within the philanthropic landscape started to emerge and recognize the value in more funding to […]

First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation

About us For more than 20 years, First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation has provided funding and resources to Indigenous organizations and communities and is dedicated to rebuilding and restoring cultural systems impacted by colonization throughout the lands known as British Columbia. Special Advisor, Cathi Charles Wherry, paints a powerful picture of their purpose, “Throughout the last […]

Arctic Funders Collaborative

Indigenous peoples make up a majority of the population in the expansive Arctic region. Founded in 2005, the Arctic Funders Collaborative (AFC) is grounded in Indigenous philosophies and values around land connection, culture, and generosity. The AFC is uniquely situated in the space between Indigenous-led initiatives and funders supporting work in the Arctic.  Talking about […]