Mocassin Footprint Society

About us Moccasin Footprint Society (MFS) Executive Director Nuskmata (Jacinda Mack) is exuberant when she talks about her organization’s vision, “My dream is for our people to move back to our home villages, to speak our languages, eat our foods, and live our culture for our entire lives. That’s my dream, that’s the work we’re […]

Swiilawiid Sustainability Society

About us It started in 2016, or the 1970s, or the 1850s, or in deep time, depending on who you ask. For the founders of Swiilawiid Sustainability Society, it was probably 2012 and Haida Gwaii communities had come together to stop a massive oil pipeline and tanker project that threatened Haida Territories, identity, and ways […]

Keepers of the Water

About us “Keepers of the Water’s work is really about being in our communities and living our way of life as we were intended to live,” describes Executive Director, Jesse Cardinal. “Living on the land, eating the foods that make us healthy. We need to have animals, we need to have fish, we need to […]